Your tenancy agreement - Information, consultation and participation

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

  1. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right to ask to see parts of your tenancy file. Your housing office can give you more information about this.
  2. We will consult tenants' representatives about our services. We will feedback to you the results of these surveys.
  3. We encourage you to join a recognised tenants' and residents' association (TRA).
  4. We will encourage and support new tenants' and residents' associations and tenants' groups being set up.
  5. We will involve you, or your local tenants' and residents' association, in local housing plans if they will affect you. For example, we will consult you about modernising or improving your home or your area.
  6. We will consult tenants' representatives on investment priorities, delivering services and changes in the rent or service charge.
  7. We do not have to consult you individually about changes in the rent or service charge, but we will tell you in writing at least four weeks before we make any change.
  8. We will involve tenants' representatives when we select and recruit some KNH staff.
  9. We will consult tenants' representatives about any changes to the Tenants Participation Charter and the consultation framework.
  10. We will send you a copy of the latest Tenants Participation Charter if you ask us. This sets out in full the details of how we will consult and involve you in the housing service.
  11. Under Sections 102 and 103 of the Housing Act 1985, we may change the terms of your tenancy agreement. Apart from changes in rent or service charges, we will always consult you before we make any change.
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