Your tenancy agreement - Using the property

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

  1. You must use the property as your only or principal (main) home and use it in a responsible way. If you want someone to stay who was not part of your household when you first moved in (temporarily or permanently) you must get our written permission first. This includes children, relatives, friends and guests. We will not refuse permission unless there is good reason (such as this person having caused anti-social behaviour).
  2. You must only use the property to live in and not for any business or other purpose, unless we have given you permission, in writing.
  3. You must not keep any moped, motorbike, or similar vehicle, or any other machine driven by an internal combustion engine, inside your home.
  4. You must keep your home clean and tidy and make sure the decoration inside your home is in a good condition.
  5. You must make sure that you keep any outbuilding, yard or garden clean and free from rubbish. You must cultivate and look after the garden and keep any trees, bushes, hedges or grass at a reasonable size or height.
  6. You must make sure that you keep your home and outbuildings secure from intruders.
  7. You have a right to take in lodgers. You also have a right to sublet part of your home, but you must get our permission, in writing, first. You must not sublet all of your home. Introductory tenants do not have this right. You get this right if you become a secure tenant.
  8. You must not sign over your tenancy without our permission, in writing.
  9. You must not allow any of the boundaries of the property, or any land that is let with it, to be changed.
  10. You must not put any structure (shed, garage, greenhouse or something similar) on any land that is let with your home without our permission, in writing. You must remove any structure at the end of the tenancy, unless we agree, in writing, that it can stay.
  11. You must not store bottled gas, petrol, paraffin or other flammable or explosive substances in your home or on any land nearby. You must not let waste or other materials build up which may cause a fire or attract vermin.
  12. If any part of your home is above the ground floor, you must make sure that nothing is thrown, dropped or allowed to fall from any window or balcony or any part of the outside of the building.
  13. After 10pm and up to 7am the following morning, you must make sure that no-one entering or leaving your home makes a noise which might disturb the neighbours.
  14. Also, after 10pm and up to 7am the following morning, you must make sure that you do not use any musical or audio equipment, TV, washing machine, power tool or other domestic appliance in a way that might disturb the neighbours.
  15. You must not apply any material to any surface, wall or ceiling in your home which is difficult to remove (for example, a textured wall finish) or highly flammable (for example, polystyrene tiles), unless you get our permission, in writing.
  16. You must not allow any fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm, smoke detector, security system or similar safety or security device we have put in to be interfered with or removed at any time. You must not allow any fire door or security door to be propped open.
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