Tackling anti-social behaviour

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Community protection team

Anti-social behaviour remains a key issue for both individuals and communities and will remain high on the government’s list of priorities for the future. KNH takes anti-social behaviour very seriously, so we have a long established, dedicated Community Protection Team who are responsible for the case management of the most serious and persistent anti-social behaviour throughout Kirklees.

We have a proven track record of success against people who don't respect either their council home or their neighbours. The Community Protection Team is made up staff who enforce tenancy conditions to effectively combat the behaviour of offenders.

KNH also recognises that witnesses are a crucial element in tackling anti-social behaviour, whether they are direct victims of anti-social behaviour or members of the community who witness anti-social behaviour against their community.

KNH needs witnesses to report incidents and provide evidence. But witnesses need to have confidence in the people to whom they report their concerns. We have a dedicated Victim and Witness Support Officer who will support victims and witnesses throughout what can be a distressing and frightening time. Victims and witnesses will be provided with consistent emotional support throughout the case. In addition, we can also provide practical support such as extra security.

Respect standard

Supporting victims is a key element of the regulatory standards for anti-social behaviour and one of the six core commitments in the national RESPECT standard for housing management. KNH was one of the first housing providers to sign up to the Respect standard. That means we have pledged to maintain a high standard in dealing with anti-social behaviour and taking care of victims and witnesses. One of our residents was a finalist in the national RESPECT standard ‘Taking a Stand’ awards during 2007.

Performance standards

KNH operates within a performance management framework. We measure customer satisfaction via the use of three indicators :

  • Satisfaction with first contact
  • Satisfaction with being kept informed
  • Satisfaction with the outcome of the complaint

We measure these targets by sending a survey to every customer whose complaint has ended. We take notice of comments or feedback and collate results on a monthly basis to ensure cases are dealt with in a timely and positive manner.

Our aim is to provide a first class service to our tenants and residents and we will continue to use innovative solutions in tackling problems and dealing with those who have no respect for others. Referrals of cases are received from frontline services such as Neighbourhood Housing Teams, where an investigation has already taken place but more in depth work is needed.

Legal action

KNH will not tolerate any distress caused to others by those involved in persistent nuisance and anti-social behaviour. We will play an active role with our partners to effectively tackle anti-social behaviour.

Where necessary we can obtain an Injunction with a Power of Arrest against those people who threaten, harass or intimidate tenants, residents or our staff. Our quickest time for obtaining such an Injunction is under three hours from first notification.

Where people breach the terms of their Injunction we work closely with West Yorkshire Police to have them arrested and brought before Court and, in most cases, they end up being sent to prison. KNH continues the drive against domestic violence by supporting families in our properties to break the stigma that surrounds domestic violence and to take action to stop someone from harming the sufferer via legal action.

We work closely with Kirklees Safer, Stronger Communities Domestic Violence Team. Our dedicated Victim and Witness Support Officer can work with sufferers and other agencies to create a faster and tailored response to their needs.

We also deal with people who fail to keep their gardens in a reasonable condition and don't bother to remove their rubbish. We advertise the fact that the council offers a bulky items removal service and will also remove bagged garden waste. But when people have no respect for others and allow waste to build up in their gardens creating an unsightly mess, we will - and do - take positive action to remedy the situation.

One example which outlines our determination in tackling this issue is an incident whereby, a tenant who failed to do anything to clean up their garden ended up in Court and was ordered to pay nearly £1500 in fines and costs.

We work with a number of other agencies to help our tenants and residents live in peaceful communities - the Police, the council, local hospitals, other housing providers, Probation and Youth Offending Team, Kirklees Anti-social Behaviour Unit, Mediation Yorkshire and National Children's Homes, to name, but a few - and we will contrive to work hard to ensure that our estates remain pleasant places in which to live.

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