Keeping our estates clean

Content owner : Last updated : 06/12/13

KNH is responsible for the upkeep and management of all the common open spaces on council estates in Kirklees.

Our Grounds Maintenance contract is delivered in partnership with the council’s Streetscene department with the aim of ‘getting the site right’. We work to a subjective visual standard as identified in the service charter and use local tenants and residents who are trained as inspectors to ensure we meet this quality target.

The standard is highlighted in our service charter which details our commitment to the regular maintenance of the open spaces including grass and hedge cutting, shrub maintenance and remedial and improvement works in the winter months.

We also have a team of 49 Caretakers who work on the estates and individual properties to keep them clean, safe and tidy. This involves clearing fly tipping and graffiti or repairing fencing and gates, clearing paths and cutting back shrubbery.

The caretakers work closely with the housing officers and respond quickly to any reports of problems. Keeping our estates clean and tidy is a joint effort with other Council services, especially Streetscene, which includes Highways, Cleansing, Dog Wardens and Environmental Rangers.

If you spot a problem on your estate, please report it to us as soon as possible by contacting your neighbourhood housing office.

Get involved

Involving tenants and residents is essential in reaching our aim and if you would like to get involved in monitoring and improving the quality of your estate environment, you can register as a 'getting the site right' inspector.