DIY videos

We've produced a series of instructional videos that show you how easy it is to do home repairs yourself. Our videos will talk you through important repairs such as changing a sink plug and managing damp.

The self-help videos support the repairs that are the responsibilities of the tenant. The great thing is, you can pause at any time or rewind if needed. You'll not only gain new skills but save time waiting on a repair call out. 


How to unblock a sink using a plunger

A little elbow grease and know how should help sort this mess.


How to locate your stop tap

Always a good idea to know where this is and how to use it to cut off your water supply.



How to change a sink plug and chain

A simple job that can make you feel like an expert and provides a sense of accomplishment..



What to do if your appliances or lights don't work

There is no need to panic if you lose electricity in your home. A trip to the fusebox and reset should fix the problem.


How to change a toilet seat

Changing a toilet seat really is very simple, unscrew a coupe of bolts, replace and screw in the bolts and you're done.


How to fill cracks and holes using filler

Cracks and holes in internal walls are a common and easily solved DIY task. Here’s how to fix those holes.


How to change a light bulb

Don't worry when the lights go out, this video shows you how to quickly change a light bulb.


How to a leaky shower head and hose

The sound of dripping water can drive anyone mad. With this video you will be able to put a stop to that.

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