Bishops Court

Bishops Court

Fire Risk Assessment

An FRA is an inspection of the building to check that the fire safety arrangements in place meet the legal fire safety requirements.

They also identify what else we can do to prevent fire and keep residents safe in your homes.

Name of building

Bishops Court


Berry Brow



Contact Details

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about fire safety in this building

Phone 01484 414886


In a fire emergency always dial 999


Fire Authority

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service


West Yorkshire

BD11 2DY

Phone 01274 682311


What do I need to do if there is a fire in my building?

Evacuation policy -

You will need to find the nearest safe exit and wait at the assembly point outside your building

Means of escape

One central stairwell

Building construction and cladding

  • A 17 storey purpose built block of 98 flats.
  •  The building has an external wall insulation system, containing a flammable material within. 
  • The main ground floor entrance/egress door gives access to a foyer into the entrance lobby giving access to a communal room with kitchenette, cleaners store, service cupboard, common laundry, ancillary rooms and lift lobby with 2 x passenger lifts. 
  • The lift lobby gives further access to a rear protected corridor to 2 flat entrance doors, alternative exit and ancillary rooms. 
  • All upper levels are similar with access via a central protected shaft consisting of the passenger lifts and communal stairway. 
  • There is interlinking corridors/lobbies constructed around the central stair/lift shaft giving access to 6 residents flats service cupboards and bin chute room.
  • The interlinking corridor/lobbies on each level, from the lift lobby, gives access to; a flat entrance lobby (3 flats) with service cupboards; to a bin chute lobby with PV & OV;  to a stair lobby; to a 2nd flat entrance lobby (3 flats); and back to the lift lobby. T
  • There is a level entrance, 2 alternative exits, externally accessed bin chute bin store (with sprinkler protection), lift plant room on the roof (accessed from the stairway) and two passenger lifts. The communal stairs do not discharge directly to the outside, it has a protected corridor to an alternative exit adjacent to the main entrance/egress door. 
  • 24/7 CCTV coverage. 
  • Residential flats with communal access.

Findings from your Fire Risk Assessment & actions we are taking to address these findings in your building

Fire doors

New fire doors will be installed in your building


Work to ensure fires can be contained and cannot spread through areas will be undertaken


Work to install new signage for escape routes and/or fire doors will be undertaken


We will inspect the building regularly to ensure fire safety measures remain adequate


Work to ensure the management of fire safety measures in the property are in order

Service and maintenance of your building 

The information below outlines the inspections and checks we will undertake on your building and the frequency of them.

Fire Risk Assessment 

The annual Fire Risk Assessment will be carried out in November 2021


There are two lifts in the building and are inspected every six months.

Bin Stores

Work to move bins to reduce fire risk

Electrical test and installation

We will test communal electrical installations such as wiring, sockets and lights every five years. 

Gas boiler

The gas boiler in your property is inspected every 12 months.

Dry riser

We will inspect the dry riser in the block every six months.

Fire detection system

Fire detection systems can include fire alarms, sprinkler systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. We will check them every six months.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting (or escape lighting) lights up a safe exit route if the mains power fails. We will inspect the emergency lighting in your building every twelve months.


We inspect all our buildings to ensure your safety but your help is welcomed. If you see something that is of concern to you please call our inspection team on 01484 221000  or email

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