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Whilst the ongoing situation with COVID 19 unfolds KNH staff are asked to take additional precautions whilst undertaking their duties. This is to keep them safe as well as you. Here is a list of questions you might have around our staff coming into your homes. 

What to do if your income has reduced as a result of the Coronavirus. Are you not sure who to contact?

A reduced income may mean you are now eligible for benefits, or additional benefits. To find out more and receive some friendly advice relevant to your personal circumstances contact the KNH Money Advice Team on 01484 414975.



What to do if neither you or members in your home are self-isolating but require a repair(s) to be undertaken at your home

You can still report a repair and/or keep your repair job. KNH operatives will take the following precautions. 

  • They will not make physical contact with you – including shaking hands
  • They will not accept food or drink if offered and minimize contact with surfaces in your home
  • They will use additional hygiene measures such as washing their hands or using hand wipes or hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the premises


What to do if you are self-isolating and have a repair booked

It is important for us that all our staff visiting you in your home, asks you whether you are self-isolating due to COVID19 symptoms, before entering the property. Therefore, you should receive a phone call a day before the repair is due or on the day. 

If you don’t receive a phone call and a KNH operative has arrived to carry out a repair, they will knock on your door and stand 2 meters back and ask you, if anyone in the house is self-isolating due to COVID 19 symptoms.

If the answer is YES and the repair or visit is not an emergency, the KNH operative will not be able to start the repair job or visit. You will be asked to contact Kirklees Direct on 01484 414800, once no one in the household self-isolating.  

If it is an emergency and you’re happy for our staff to carry out the repair, then the KNH operative will follow all guidance and take the necessary precautions in order to carry out the job safely this includes:

  • No physical contact with you 
  • The operative will call you and ask you to open the door so that they can be let in. You will need to move into another room at this point. The operative will need to close the door to the room that the repair is being carried out in
  • The operative will ensure that their hands are sanitized before entering your home
  • Disposable Gloves, disposable overshoes and paper / disposable overalls are single use items will be worn and disposed of after the work is complete and double bagged
  •  Dust sheets, if required to protect the work environment will also be removed and disposed of after the work is complete
  • Should you agree, the waste should remain in your property for 72 hours and disposed by you. If you don’t agree the operative will make alternative arrangements 


What to do if you are self-isolating by personal choice and have no COVID-19 symptoms but you are still not happy for KNH staff to carry out their repair/visit

If you’re not happy for the work or visit to be carried out, please be assured that our staff have been advised to wear protective clothing and they have set procedures to follow to ensure their and your safety. 

If you’re still not happy for the work to be carried out we will contact Kirklees Direct, so that a note can be put on the system. 


Home visits

What to expect if you have a KNH member of staff due to visit your home 

If a team leader, surveyor or inspector is due to visit your home for an appointment. You will get a call from one of our planners to confirm the status of you and your household.

If you are self-isolating due to COVID 19 symptoms and it is an emergency, staff will ensure the person undertaking the job is aware of this information so that they can follow the procedures and guidelines we have given.

19 March 2020


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