Building Safety

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Since the tragic events of Grenfell three years ago, Local Authorities are taking great steps to ensure the safety of all their property stock, especially multiple occupation blocks for the safety of every occupier.  Therefore it is paramount that each property has annual services undertaken of their Gas Boiler and Gas appliances, i.e cookers or fires.  

Landlords must ensure their property is covered by a valid Gas Certificate and copy is left with the occupying tenant.  Failure to do so would result in civil action being taken. 

Please ensure letterboxes are present and in order and that your entrance door meets fire door regulations. Please ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your lease, any further info please contact Leasehold section. 


Please supply copy of Gas Certificate to our office via or ring 01484 414886

Communal areas

At all times, communal areas must be kept clear, therefore no obstructions, eg. doormats, bikes or buggies, mobility scooters as these may block exits in the event of a fire.  

Such items will be confiscated upon block inspection.  


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